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Welcome to the Microsoft IT Best Practice Experience!

As one of our most valued customers, we want to develop a deep IT-to-IT connection with you and your company to empower, inspire, and enable your use of Microsoft products and services.

Register for a session today. Achieve your vision with our experience.

Best Practice Experience endorsement:
“Microsoft IT Institute’s Best Practice Experience sessions provide customers a behind-the-scenes look at how Microsoft does IT, covering how we plan, deploy, govern, operate, and support devices, services and software in our global infrastructure, supporting over 220,000 users across more than 110 countries. By attending, our customers interact directly with Microsoft IT subject matter experts to learn about industry trends, hot topics, challenges, and innovations that drive the world of IT today. Customers also walk away with best-practices and strategies that will help them shape IT in their own organizations.”

Jim DuBois
Chief Information Officer
Microsoft IT

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